Stay Connected Through Conference and Fax

Meet with anyone, anytime. Big companies have been using these services for years. Now as s a part of our standard service, we bring powerful communication and productivity tools to the small business to increase flexibility and mobility, making you more responsive and more nimble.


The teleconferencing feature allows you to increase sales, generate leads, and educate your consumers and employees.  If you need to hold a meeting just send an e-mail with the number for them to dial into, open up the call and now you can have a meeting, all from a touch tone phone from anywhere in the world.


Need to send out a quote, or review a contract?  Use the fax feature to send and receive faxes to your own number.  Faxes are sent straight to your e-mail, so you can keep the paper clutter to a minimum and read your faxes from your computer or your smart phone while you are on the go.

For an affordable upgrade, take advantage of our premium service which includes all the features of the standard package plus:

Call Routing:  allows you to route calls to your business to any phone number you want.

Online File Storage:  securely store and keep your documents online so they are available anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Online Backup:  safeguard your critical business files and document