is an Internet publishing service that enables customers to create a profile about their business and publish that information to promote their business

Quickly publish to the top internet destinations and navigational devices, where consumers are already searching for local business services.

Today there is no better solution than InstantPROFILE® for boosting digital reach, improving online visibility and building a brand.


Top Five Things to Remember About InstantPROFILE®:

► InstantPROFILE® ensures maximum reach by distributing business profiles to a mix of popular destinations and creates the high quality content optimized for both search engines and social web presence.

► No other product allows a business to publish and manage information about their business (business profile), communicate with their customers and prospects from just one easy to use service.

► InstantPROFILE® is a powerful, simple to use service for a business to promote and stay in touch with its customers, employees and markets.

► InstantPROFILE® aggressively, yet tactfully, promotes a business' information, providing trifecta benefits of being found in SEO, business directory and social web results.

► The InstantPROFILE® syndication service takes the guesswork out of deciding where to place business information and leveraging the social web to create buzz and "get found" by media and end users seeking local business services.